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I have an issue with the shipping locations fluctuating and incurring additional shipping costs when, according to the website's algorithm that runs the shopping cart section, the items seemingly were shipping from the same locale at the beginning of me building up my order.

So, I'm looking to buy a plethora of items to do a tune-up on my car and started selecting the components I need. The issue comes in that, when adding on new items to the existing cart, items that were already selected and shown to be shipping from 1 location are suddenly showing that they're shipping from different locations when a new item is added to the shopping cart which then adds more shipping costs since there is more than I origin of shipping.

For example;

-In my latest shopping cart, I Initially added Air Filter(1pc), Fuel Filter(1pc) & PCV Valve(1pc), shown as shipping from Location A.

-I decided to add Spark Plugs(8pcs) which show as shipping from Location B but now the Air Filter has to ship from location C and incur a 3rd shipping charge when it was initially shipping from Location A before I selected the spark plugs.

-I decide to play around with the selected items, so I remove the Air Filter, and now the Fuel Filter, PCV Valve & Spark Plugs are shipping from Location A.

-I add the air filter back on and include 8 MOTORCRAFT Coil on Plugs which adds a 4th Location D, and then POWER STOP K1319(Brake Pad & Rotor Kit) which adds a 5th location. 5 different shipping charges!!

This nullifies the "savings" we consumers seek by flocking to ROCKAUTO's website, which displays appealing prices, only to get our "savings" eaten up through bogus shipping charges.

That is highly misleading and concerning when you consider how many consumers have unknowingly been robbed by ROCKAUTO's negligence and inability in displaying consistent inventory locations while reaping the monetary benefits of an uninformed/unaware consumer through the bogus shipping charges incurred by their defective asset management system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockauto Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rockauto Pros: Initial prices of car components.

Rockauto Cons: Return policy when they send you an incorrect item, Items already in your cart fluctuating shipping locations.

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Happened to me as well, just wrote about the same in my review. They implemented a shipping - rip off algorhythm. Such a shame.