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I ordered a waterpump put it on it lasted two months before it fell apart on the inside,dont know if it caused any other damage. I was told to go online and fill out the info for return,it tells me to print out label,I have no access to a computer I am disabled and I would have to take a cab to go find a place to print this out then I would have to take a cab back home.I live off of SSI and I can't afford that.

Rock auto should Supply a return slip in with the parts when they ship them to you.I was told over the phone that's the only way I'll get my return they cannot send me a return slip. so now after doing everything I have to do it's going to cost me more than doubled my money and if I went to a parts store.

this is not right and I will go to social media Facebook every place I can because I thought RockAuto was a good place to do business with but apparently not. no I got to hope and pray that little piece that broken off the fan there is not inside my motor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Water Pump.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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New York, New York, United States #1332706

You are a load of $#!+ .. You are claiming you have no access to a computer, yet here you are posting a review on a website, which requires a computer.

Or perhaps you're on a cell phone with internet access meaning you can afford a simple cab ride. Return shipping costs just 5-10 $ approx. Or less. The savings of ordering through rockauto is far more than that.

Usually half the price of what you would pay at an auto parts store, considering you bought the right part.

As you claim a piece of the " fan " broke off the water pump, which I guess you mean a part of the impeller. If you knew about engines, this piece will not get into your motor. It will circulate around until it makes it way to your overflow tank with no damage.

Theses impellers don't break off and is most likely a cause of installation from uneven mounting surface, as I noticed from your picture that one side of the water pump is bright and shiny indicating wear. They do however wear out and corrode from the acidity of coolant.

to Mechanic #1332860

you're a f****** *** like I said no access to a computer I'm on the phone and also disabled and hard to get around without my vehicle,you are a mechanic that can't f****** read,it fell apart two months after being put in it couldn't have been caused by being put in you ***,and the piece that broke could most certainly go in the motor you ***.go try to insult someone else as swipe.

to Anonymous #1334938

+1 to Mechanic

to Anonymous #1349630

Also, coolant circulates through the motor.

If you work for RockAuto, or if you're simply just a bored person that wants to show off your arrogance and ignorance, then I guess you're doing what you do best...

to Mechanic #1349625

How would a piece of metal or anything, circulate through the cooling system, pass a radiator cap and them to then end up in the coolant recovery tank?

Haha I'm trying to imagine this...

Also I'm only responding to your comment because I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with RockAuto and has learned the hard way.

It's also very likely, that anyone who makes $780 a month, cannot afford a printer or cab rides to a printer.

I am grateful for anyone telling their story on RockAuto, as it's common courtesy to warn people they may be stolen from or set back, by dealing with this business.

If you are ordering parts from RockAuto, you are definitely taking a huge risk.

The savings is not worth it in the long run.

If you haven't had a bad experience yet, keep ordering. You will;)

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