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An order

It charged my sons card but gave no confirmation number.i am getting no where


I order some parts and I didn't get a confirmation number either, Could someone please call me or text me back please I order some struts


transmission core

If I purchase a transmission do I return the core in the same container the trandmission came in, and do I get reimbursed as soon as you guys receive the used transmission (core). I'm looking at a transmission with a core price of 350.00


2009 Nissan Altima motor 2.5 engine

Do You have one? How much?


Help with ordering parts

This is my 1st time using your services. Please let me location the following items for 2007 Mercury Milan, engine size: 2.3L DOHC, 4 cylinder: 1) accelerator pedal with sensor 2) Throttle Body 3) Motor Mounts 4) Alternator 5) Brakes - pads & rotors 6) High power steering line thanks


Does The upper control arm come with bush

Does the upper control arm come with bushings,???


Returning wrong parts

Would like to talk to someone about the parts I just received. I ordered rear break rotors and pads for an 04 Chevy s10 crew cab and the new rotors are about 1" thinner overall than the factory ones. Please contact me at



I need to know if the parts in my cart will all fit together. Its a clutch master cylinder, clutch hose, and clutch slave cylinder.

I need to know if the hose end connecters fit to each of the master and slave cylinder. Parts are "sunsong 2205477", "wagner cm129861", and "dorman cs360038".

By the way, im not pissed, id just like more information and soecific specs before i waste money buying parts that may not work together, i hate the mess of having to send things back. Thank you.


Contacting customer service

I continue to try to contact about returning a part & get no response. I need to exchange this part. How can I get in contact with these people?


My last order A/C compressor

My order 91156420 GPD is the a/c compressor the right one? It does not look like the oem compressor?


return cost

can I return a part to the warehouse in Moorestown NJ


Reverse motor for 2013 Harley Davidson trike

Do you have this part?


Auto parts

Do you carry complete struts for a 2014 Hynda Sonata?



Cant find


Question about a warranty

Can u please contact me back I havw a question about a warranty on a part I Want too purchase


order the wrong part

order the two of the wrong fuel pumps today for my car only need one plus it was for the wrong engine I need 1fuel pump for a 3.4 chev monte carlo


does rockauto have any customer service on line one would thing that somebody could help you after the long day of work after hours


whats up with this cant! GET a answer on line for get the phone


Confirm order

I ordered part today need to know tracking number


Cooling Fan Relay

I am looking for Cooling Fan Relay switch for 2008 Honda Element can you tell me part #, Price and shipping



I need a peddle bracket that goes under the dashboard that holds all three peddles but I don't know what it is called or where to order. Can you send me a link and a part name. Thank you, missy.


I dont know yet

My boyfriwnd order the wrong part, an trying to retuen it to get the right part. How would i go by doing that


Missing part

It claims to have been delivered but not here


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