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Need to talk to a real preson

Why can't I get anyone one the phone ?


delivery time

How long does it normally take to get a part and will it give me a time frame before ordering. Thx Jim


If you want to find out estimated delivery times, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Add parts to the cart
  2. Select your country
  3. Enter your postal code
And you will see a time frame before ordering.



I'm watching to find out the warranty steps regarding diesel injectors. If a claim is needed what is the process?


RockAuto FAQs do not offer warranties on any parts. On their Product Lines and Warranties page, they describe how to determine whether a part has a manufacturer warranty.

The best way to determine whether your part is covered by a warranty is to use the tool described in the Pissed Consumer article about RockAuto.

If you know the part is covered, initiate a refund request on the Order Status and Returns page. To find out what kind of warranty is offered on a part purchased from RockAuto, use the information provided in the article: "Help with RockAuto FAQs.



Hello. I bought an alternator and have a core credit.

I can not seem to locate it. please email me back. it may be under 1 of 3 email accounts. First one is , & the second one is ,

please help me locate the credit.

Thank you. Thomas Platten.


Recent order

I looked at the parts on line made my choices I ordered a set of head bolts ad did not specify how many I thought a set would be both heads I was wrong.



can I get windshield shipped to Hawaii 96740. for 1976 xj6. if not where can I have it shipped to.


Yes, you can. According to the company website, RockAuto ships all over the world including APO and PO boxes. If you want to find out shipping options for your location, you should add parts to the cart, then select your country, and enter your postal code.


Incomplete transaction

I thought I made a purchase through pay pal but I’m not seeing that the money was taken’s possible I didn’t complete the transaction.....I want to be sure before I order again


According to RockAuto payment policy, your order status will be Awaiting Payment if your PayPal payment was declined or if you have already made a successful payment, but there is a remaining balance. You can re-attempt your payment or pay the remaining balance through their Order Status & Returns page.


Starter for my truck!

I just bought a new starter for my 1993 Ford F-150 truck with the 5.0 Liter engine! Now my truck will not start can I send it back and get a new starter for my truck?


According to the Help with Existing Orders page, RockAuto accepts returns within 30 calendar days for a refund or an exchange. The company does not accept any returns, except for those covered by warranty, after that time.

Shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to their mistake.

If you want to receive a replacement part, you should report the problem to the company on the Order Status & Returns page and answer a few questions. Then, you will have two options to make an exchange:

  1. Place a new order or the same part number online, then return the defective part for a refund of the new order
  2. Send the defective part back in exchange for a replacement


Haven't gotten my part's

I haven't received my part's , scheduled delivery was for Wednesday November the 7th. FedEx email saying shipping exception , multiple shipping labels on package . I need your help on this matter.


According to the information provided on the RockAuto Help page, the company and the carrier use the same tracking information you see on the carrier’s website. That’s why, they can’t provide you with more details.

If more than 7 business days have come since the last update, RockAuto can start a trace. If you want to start the investigation, follow the steps below:

  1. Find your order on the Order Status & Returns page
  2. Click “Arrange a Return / Report a Problem” next to the missing parts
  3. Specify the quantity missing and select “Package Not Received”
  4. Answer a few question to determine the cause of the problem and how you would like to proceed if missing parts can’t be found


fuel tank sending unit

do you have a sending unit for a 1986 chevy camaro 5.0 v-8 for a 4 barrel carburtator iroc z28.


Please, check out RockAuto Part Catalog to find out availability and price ranges. Go to the Help with Finding Parts for your Vehicle.

Select Cars, Vans, Light & Medium Duty Trucks. You will see a list of questions with sufficient details on each issue.

You can also use Search on this page. Type your question or year, make, model, part type/part number, and the system will display all available parts with comprehensive description.


Paint match

How to order a paint match for the mirror for a 2013 Chrysler 200


All orders are placed through the company website. Scroll through the Part Catalog and click to expand your vehicle make, listed alphabetically.

Then, click to expand the year, model, and engine size of your vehicle. You may also type the year, make, model, engine, and the required part in the search box at the top of the main page. Matching words will appear. Click the correct one to go to the part.

Now you can add the part to your cart. You should enter your billing and shipping address and click Place Order button.


Tag holder

I just received my license plate holder from you. I do not understand how to install and wondered if there are any videos or directions.

I got two screws and dont get where they go either. Thanks, Philip Windsor


You may ask for technical assistance by sending an email with your question to RockAuto Customer Support


06 aveo

power stop s2810 does it contain both right and left calibers


This issue is rather specific. If you want to get sufficient details, please, send an email to RockAuto Customer Service and ask for technical assistance.



Looking to replace my busted radiator for my vehicle can you assist please? It’s a 2007 Infiniti G35 sport 4 door 2 wheel drive sedan.

I see multiple on line but I want to make sure the one I purchase fits correctly. Can you help me please?

#1610343 provides assistance in choosing the correct parts. Please, check the detailed answer here


Part #CA 1376

I have a 1997 GMC Sonoma 4.3L automatic shifter on the console. The only difference I see between the console shifter cable and a colume cable is .01 inches difference in length.

A 100th of an inch should not make a difference.

Part #CA1376 doesn't have a picture but the video the ends look the same. I have already ordered part #CA1376 yesterday do you think it should fit?


RockAuto FAQ provides detailed information on how to choose correct parts on their Help with Choosing Parts page. They answer questions on how parts are described, how to compare parts, what is included with each part. You should type information about your vehicle to get possible options.


I did not realize it took so long for RockAuto to answer a question. I have had that shifter cable in for at least 2 weeks now.

It works great. Thanks for the reply back.

Very helpful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Question about a part

I've got an '07 Nissan Armada that I'm going to change the air suspension to gas shocks. Question I've got is I ordered the KYB 345066 excel shock and the Moog 81091 spring are these going to be ok?


If you want to find comprehensive information on how to choose correct parts, go to the Help with Choosing Parts page. Here you can read detailed instructions on how to find the required part, how to understand part descriptions, how to make the right choice, etc.

You may also use Search on the page. It is necessary to enter your question or year, make, model, part type or part number to see all possible options.


Split Core Return

4 Calipers received in one box. Rock auto core return process is splitting into 2 separate core returns and 2 shipments.

All received under order 95214107. How do I ship and maintain original shipping boxes?


Part question

I recently buy strut mount KYB for a rav4 2008

This part can be install without spring support.??

The original part came with a part to support the spring


Lucas oil additive stop oil leak

I have a impala 3.9 from what I understand it holds 4qts. Do I let it get down a qt then add the lucas , or add it to my full oil.


This issue seems to be very specific. You’d rather ask for RockAuto technical assistance.

According to their website, RockAuto is an online company. Unfortunately, they do not provide consulting assistance over the phone.

However, you can send an email with your question to RockAuto customer support You can also find more RockAuto contact information here


I have a queation about a part before i purchase it

I want to purchase the inner fender splash shield for my 2004 Toyota 4Runner limiter 4x4 V8. I see there is a front left and a front right.

I’m missing both front left and front right on both driver and passenger side. Would I purchase 4 of these to fix both sides, or are these two parts specifically for one side?

I would greatly appreciate a response. Thank you.


RockAuto provides assistance in choosing correct parts for vehicles. Go to their Help with Choosing Parts page to find out how to understand part descriptions and definitions, how to make the right choice, what is included in the part, what is their return policy, etc. If you need more information on this issue, please, check the solutions here


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