Tukwila, Washington

I bought an A/C Compressor and when I got it, it was missing parts that should be with it to function in my car. It was missing a pressure switch and pressure valve. Rock Auto kept ignoring my emails and a PayPal dispute I made claim of. I called Rock Auto up and explained the problem and they said the company they go through that is named GPD doesn't supply those parts with the compressor. They said I had to go buy them. I just paid $189.79 not including shipping for it and close to $20.00 shipping.

Those parts should of been installed in the a/c compressor during the rebuilding process. Rock Auto should have stated on their website those parts are not included with the compressor; but they did not. I would not have bought it knowing two parts were missing that are very important parts that must be in that a/c compressor. I wasn't aware of the problem until it got shipped to me. That is not a complete rebuild at all to leave out two very important parts.

I asked them more than once for a prepaid RMA to ship it back; but they decided to make me pay to ship it back. That is totally wrong. I spoke to customer service at PayPal and the representative agreed what Rock Auto is doing to me is wrong. This is just plain out bad business practices and I will never buy parts from them ever again. They lost a good customer that bought 100's and 100's of dollars in automotive parts from them; but never again will I buy anything they sell.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockauto Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $198.

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sensors and valves are separate. You learned. Next time you'll get what you need the first time.


should have bought the GPD compressor kit that came with all parts of the A/C system with O-rings etc. for $196.

Its pretty clearly written that all you get is the compressor with the one you purchased. I get the frustration but you should just read more carefully in the future.


$189.79 for an A/C compressor, and you expected extra parts? I have dozens of positive experiences with Rockauto, buying parts for a fleet of company vehicles, and my personal cars too.


I try not to buy parts from this kinda of company reputation....SCAMMERS....rather buy direct from store period.


The switch does not come with the compressor, most all of the time. Some applications do not use a high side switch.

Installer swaps old one or replaces with new.

The relief valve is in the compressor, that is what your arrow points to, also called a popoff or blowoff valve.

Do your research before you badmouth a company. Makes them look bad in unlearned minds like yours and makes you look bad in learned minds like mine.


rock auto sold me an accumulator/ dryer without the seal.


Same experience here -- compressors typically don't come with a pressure switch installed.


I've never heard of a compressor comming with the pressure switch. That's not rock auto's fault. I'm not sure about the relief valve.