I have been a loyal customer and have bought thousands of dollars worth of parts over many years from RockAuto. I have also convinced many people to buy from them.

I will avoid buying from them unless absolutely necessary in the future since I have been vitimized too many times by their return policy. I received the fuel pump I ordered (Uro fuel pump PN 003091**** for 1983 Mercedes 380SEC) that was listed as a "Standard Replacement Pump" for my car but it did not fit my car. I immediately processed a return (same day of receipt) but RockAuto return site stated I had to either pay the original outbound shipping or the return shipping even though they clearly listed the wrong part for my application.

Why am I responsible for any costs caused by their mistake? They also hide behind their website and provide no way to talk to a customer servide rep to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

RockAuto Pros: Prices and selection and ease of finding parts.

RockAuto Cons: Return policy, Insufficuent product detail to ensure correct part.

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I am on the same boat. They claim the website will provide customer service. Of course, it won't!


I agree that RockAuto has zero customer service. They sent me the wrong part and I'm being charged for return shipping.

NEVER order wholesaler closeout parts from them, especially if they have any rubber components. That stock is ancient and the rubber will be rotten. Then YOU get to pay return shipping. You can't talk to anyone and are at the mercy of their website for returns.

If you have a situation that's a little out of the ordinary and want to discuss it with them, you are just out of luck. I have bought $1000s in parts from RockAuto over the years.

Fortunately, this is the first time I needed some customer service. I now know the risks of ordering from them.


I need to retract most of what I said. RockAuto does have customer service and in my case it was quite good.

After I wrote that reply comment I sent an email to RockAuto customer service (service@***.com) with my issues. I got a reply from Ralph at customer service at 0830 eastern the next morning. Ralph took care of my issues with the wholesaler closeout parts and I'm more than satisfied with the outcome. In less than 1/2 day my issue was resolved.

I did learn to stay away from wholesaler closeout parts from this event. And since this was my first time contacting RockAuto customer service after dozens of transactions, they are batting 1000 for customer service with me.


Agreed & they make it IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of them! Try to find an email or phone number if you have a concern. Just give your money to a local store to support them!


I now have a huge pile of defective and broken rockauto parts. How do we sue them?


Eb@y has no phone contact as well, for both sellers and buyers. "hide behind their website".... very well put !


I ordered a Bosch ignition coil that came in a sealed box and was broken. I returned it and was charged for the shipping. I am done with them also.


Always try to get a part locally from NAPA, or a similar discounted parts supplier before using Rock Auto. I may cost a bit more, but you have options. RA’s return policy and lack of contact process make that a no-brainer.




I don't know how this outfit stays in business!


HAD A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with rock auto, it used to be my go-to for online auto parts, but tried to cancel an order five minutes after placing it couldn't cancel because it wasn't listed on my account (they said it was a typo) w2as the same email for ten years, such lyers. Add to that they did away with all customer service. I still have no idea how to get my money back, NEVER AGAIN


I also had a similar problem. Rock Auto sent me front brakes with 4 outer pads and no inner pads and when trying to return and get a full refund required me to pay for the return.

I will never use them again.

You can not talk to anybody their Customer Service is the worst. I would pay more for good Customer Service


Pissed of Customer here again, will never shop with them again when speaking with a customer service rep, he insisted that he needed to go into my computer to confirm my order even tho he had my order number, so thinking ok, well while he was in my computer he went ahead and started charging x boxes on Amazon for $50.00 and $30.00 then he went to Walmart and charged $221.64 this was on May 8th 2020, Amazon notified us there were fraudulent charges, they did refund the $50.00 and the $221.64 but not $30.00.we are still working on that, and here it is Nov 2020. tried calling Rock Auto to speak to someone, about this person but they only have people on their phones. so again this company are not honest.




i think that it is a rip off for the people that buy their parts, i just bought a transmission, they only listed two. even when i tired to put the right number in they kicked it back.

now they will not give me a return label.i have been tiring to get a return for four hours.

i think that a class action law sue will be in order.that too much money to give that give to a billion dollar company. (MAD)


I agree I won’t use them again one order two returns that’s not good.il go to oreilys or autozone from now on


May I recommend a Class Action Settlement to all who have been wronged? That's one way to recoup some of your money, as it's a disgrace they're doing this to people. I would think a lot of people would join the Class Action Settlement and go after them.

@Ovid Zno

RockAuto is a liar about us posted about a new part about a rebuilt part there was no good they told me I had to print a label to ship it back to them I don’t have a printer they got mama and I won’t give it back to me I do nothing I can do about it and I wouldn’t recommend anybody to ever buy anything from RockAuto that sorriest parts store for auto mobile if you can bye don’t buy they will miss you around there are no good I get when I am a man is1000 million

@Ovid Zno

I want to join this law suit

@Bryan L Ugp

I want to file a law suit against Rock auto. Rock auto is a cheater.

they sell us parts but they don't care about customers. Al they want is get our money and we are on our own. I bought part from Rock auto in the last few months but 4 times they sent the wrong parts and defective part. They force me to pay for replacement first before the refund the money and of course we lose or pay extra for shipping.

It is they fault, they have to take responsibility. From today, I will go back to my local parts store for peace of mind. If you don't want to be the next victim, don't buy anything from Rock auto. I order front brake pads and rotors as a heavy duty towing package.

they looked identical, after installed and road test, I found out that my front brake hung up and over heating. I performed and inspected brake system and tried to figure out everything but the front brakes still hung up. Finally I took out the manual and measure the thickness of the pads and rotors. pads are totally thicker .6mm than the original spec.

I called them and ask them for replacement. The first mail was replied in 2 days and the first customer asked me many question and provide him info. He told me that, there was no replacement, I have to order the new set and send the wrong parts back for refund. I did order another complete set and I sent all info as he needed by mail but he was not the one to reply my mail.

A second (different) customer service replied and issue me a return label but only for the rotors not for the pads. I mail back to ask for a complete package return, at this point the third customer service replied and told me that no refundable because I installed the parts. He deleted the return label that I have and he deleted the parts numbers in the heavy duty part list from their website. I will it is a cheater.

We should file a law suit against Rock auto. #1 they don't have customer service by phone, 2nd, they don't have technical advisor, 3rd, they can't force customer to pay for defective or wrong parts from as it is their fault. They have to pay back the refund with shipping cost to the customers. Hi guys, boycott and file law suit against Rock auto.

I am with you. I will file a complaint. If you have not done that, here is info for you to call and file a complaint. I will do it today.

The FTC encourages consumers to file a complaint whenever they have been the victim of fraud, identity theft, or other unfair or deceptive business practices. They can do it online, or by calling the FTC's Consumer Response Center at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-87*-***-****).

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