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I have been a loyal customer and have bought thousands of dollars worth of parts over many years from RockAuto. I have also convinced many people to buy from them.

I will avoid buying from them unless absolutely necessary in the future since I have been vitimized too many times by their return policy. I received the fuel pump I ordered (Uro fuel pump PN 0030915301 for 1983 Mercedes 380SEC) that was listed as a "Standard Replacement Pump" for my car but it did not fit my car. I immediately processed a return (same day of receipt) but RockAuto return site stated I had to either pay the original outbound shipping or the return shipping even though they clearly listed the wrong part for my application.

Why am I responsible for any costs caused by their mistake? They also hide behind their website and provide no way to talk to a customer servide rep to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uro Parts Fuel Pump.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rockauto Pros: Prices and selection and ease of finding parts.

Rockauto Cons: Return policy, Insufficuent product detail to ensure correct part.

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Same experience. Ordered part for correct make and model of JEEP but part clearly did not fit.

They did not refund the $6 return postage. Same problem with another part but they fully refunded all and did not want the part back; it was sent from another warehouse location to begin with.

It may have something to do with what reason you choose from the return reason options. I did explain on the return form comments in both instances.


Sent me defective spark plugs ends were all bent. Out $7 .First time purchase. They suck.


Had same problem with a fuel filter


where do I find return tracking no.


Our business uses Rock Auto every chance we get. We've never had any problems with them.

Returns is a breeze, ordering is easy. Sometimes the parts are not what is labeled on box, but never had any trouble with them paying return shipping when it was the fault of the manufacturing company not putting in the right parts with the right box.

Our business has been using them for over 5 years now. We know the policy states that we have to pay return shipping for core return or our fault ordering the wrong part, but it's still cheaper than ordering from our local parts store.


I am trying to return a $30 part and they make it so difficult. lady on the phone was so rude, won't stay on the phone to answer simple questions. website is difficult to manage.WILL NEVER BUY from them again!!


Hello rockauto. You sell Chinese junk and then hide behind your website after the purchase not addressing problems and defects with the part


$12 is not that big of loss.


It doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t have to pay $1 for their mistake.


I also have used the often Never had any issue until now. I will never use them again.


I will never buy from rock auto again they sent me a double order now I have to pay for shipping back *** they were only air and cabin filters I will keep but will not buy from them ever will go to another sight or to a supply store.Type your message here


Must be a big problem with no contact info on website


You are, they hide behind their website. It is impossible to get someone on the phone.

They it to keep their prices low.

I have about quit using them. Most of my issues are with returns.


i purchased a ac condenser and they sent me a later model one that did not fit , when trying to return it their return postage did not print out , the check list printed but the label did not.


ha...rock auto sent my package out postal service....i never received it....it's been 30 days now....no refund....they do not answer my emails......they are the worst......never again......


How about this one. I paid expedited shipping for a large/heavy engine part, so the shipping was expensive.

When it arrived I found out that the part is designed to fit the smaller 4 cylinder engine option in this car. I double checked all of my lookup data (I don't trust Rock Auto for part numbers) and referenced the manufacturers' catalogs for specs and info - I found out that the few "name brands" this part was available from all have the part listed as fitting the 1.8L engine however by checking dimensions it clearly only fits the 1.6L. The correct part and pictures of this wrong part look close enough that you wouldn't be able to tell. Not like it's my fault for buying a part which states fits "1.8L" and "ES" in the parts description, let alone setting the dropdown filter to "1.8L" engine option.

And yes, it isn't Rock Auto's fault either, but... they are the merchant who sold me an incorrect part. Guess what?

After filling out the 15 interrogation questions which tend to insinuate I had done something wrong, the end result is that Rock Auto would "split the shipping with me", meaning they would issue a paid return shipping label (basic ground shipping) while I'm out expensive expedited shipping - because "we weren't at fault". Huh.


I went to the order status and returns page and I entered the latest order number (113861097) that was supposed to replace the right door seal from my original order number (113558490) but its telling me the following: Do you need to set up a warranty return for FAIRCHILD Door Seal / Weatherstrip D3013 from a previous order? Yes A warranty return was not authorized on the original order.

Please report the warranty problem on that order first, then set up a return on this order to return the defective part for a refund. So I went back to the order status and returns page to RE-SETUP a warranty return from the original order for the right door seal and it already shows that it is Authorized and it shows it as Reason: Warranty and Status: Complete The warranty/returns process on your website is seriously unconventional and difficult to understand. At first I was under the impression that I could simply order a replacement part from the same manufacturer (FAIRCHILD) and then simply return the defective part from the original order after receiving the replacement. However both FAIRCHILD parts have a manufacturing defect in the right door seal and both need to be returned.

I’m so extremely frustrated right now. I just simply want to return these two defective FAIRCHILD Door Seals (D3013) for a refund and simply purchase a replacement from another manufacturer like DORMAN 924444 {#5017462AH}


I can not support a company with no customer service. What is on their site for a response time is a lie.

I will gladly pay more from a company with customer service.

If you are thinking of buying from rock auto why not send them an email or call their phone number and see if someone answers or emails you back then imagine if you have any issue and that is what you will get for customer service to resolve your issue. Nothing.


They just don 't care if they get the part correct or not. After 15 years I'm DONE!

Jack Nolan
Auto Expert
According to the RockAuto return policy, shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to the company mistake. If you refuse delivery or the carrier returns a package because you provided an invalid address, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.
If you need any assistance with your refund or if you have more questions, you may ask them using the RockAuto Q&A tab on the Pissed Consumer website.