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I went to rock auto today to try to order some brake rotors and brake pads for my truck. After going through the full process entering my ZIP Code finding out the shipping information and placing my order by submitting it.

My shipping cost told me it was 14.99$, once I submitted it my shipping cost rose to 52.99$ I had no chance to know or stop this payment before it hit my account. I did have the option to cancel but we all know that will take several days even a week to get your money back. In my eyes this was negligence. I feel as if I was completely lied to about it.

I also tried to find a customer service number to talk to somebody and resolve this issue. Rock auto does not offer any customer service lines all services or through email.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockauto Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Also had bad experience trying to sole a problem No way to contact it was terrible Just check pricing when I went to check out three separate shipping charges. For 4 items Closed out will get it locally and they only offered FedEx.


I was looking at ordering a bunch of stuff today, since when did that start charging shipping on every single item!!!!! Such *** 100 dollars shipping... yeah I don't think so


same as me ,, the site is taken many errors while shipping method


i paid extra for 2 day shipping the morning of the third day it still is not here. So much for leaving on vacation on time. What was the name of that web site Parts Geek ?


Yeah I just got took on the next business day overnight shipping bought part noon Thursday didn't ship till Friday at 430..$30 for shipping they are a *** joke


guess ill try auto geeks bye


I've bought a lot of parts from RockAuto in the past. I'd add several items to my shopping cart, and it would show the parts are being shipped from RockAuto Warehouse A, B and C.

RockAuto charges shipping for each warehouse your parts are shipped from. I always thought it was strange when it showed my order was being shipped from RockAuto Warehouse A, B and C and would be delivered in the same box! Why did I pay shipping charges for 3 different warehouses, when all the parts were shipped in the same box?RockAuto has made a few changes to their website, since I placed my last order. My truck needs brakes, so I added 8 different brake part numbers to my shopping cart.

I looked at my shopping cart, and it showed my parts were being shipped from RockAuto Warehouse A, B, C, D, E, F and G. That's crazy, 8 different part numbers being shipped out of 7 different RockAuto Warehouses! Needless to say the shipping charges were unrealistic, so I removed all the parts from my shopping cart except 2 brake rotors that were the same part number. Before I removed the parts from my shopping cart, it showed the 2 brake rotors would be shipped from RockAuto Warehouse A.

After I removed the items from my shopping cart, it showed the 2 brake rotors would be shipped from RockAuto Warehouse A and B. If you order 2 of the same item, why wouldn't both items be shipped from the same warehouse? RockAuto might have lower prices, but they are making money on shipping! I emailed RockAuto wanting to know why the same part number would be shipped from 2 warehouses, and never received a response!

Beware of the RockAuto multiple warehouse shipping scam!

I ordered my brake parts from a different company, and they were more than happy to price match RockAuto! Keep this in mind, next time you need Auto Parts!


I've seen exactly the same thing, as a matter of fact, just now. Two exhaust flange springs (one made by Walker, one by Dorman) and also headlights for my car.

Put all three in my cart, two spring part numbers coming from warehouse A, headlights from B.

Change headlight quantity to 0, now the two springs come from warehouse A and B.I played around with it, there is no way to get any combination of two of the items to come from the same location, without adding a third item, which means you are still stuck paying for another item, AND additional shipping. Parts total is $15, shipping cost adds 25% instead of ~12.5% if they came from the same location.


What parts company did the price match for you? Thanks in advance.


Sure looks like RockAuto can be questioned by a lawyer *8 brake pads from 8 different warehouses BS RockAuto gonna be sued?