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The Manufacture Denso clearly states that an opened package (Sealed Clear Plastic Bag with Part Number Sticker on the Bag [or Part Number Printed on Sealed Bag]) CANNOT BE RETURNED. In spite of this, I received an open item. There is NO WAY to attempt to determine if the item is the correct part, since there isn't even the plastic bag the manufacturer would have put the part in. I made several attempts to have this problem corrected without success. I sent photos of the way the part was received. I sent a picture of the way the other sensor was packaged. I sent a picture of the Instructions stating that opened packages cannot be returned. Everytime I tried to address this and unknown person replying continued to tell me it is the correct part and nothing is wrong. All I wanted was for RockAuto to be responsible, pay for the return shipping and ship a NEW part at their expense. They repeatedly implied this is my problem and if I wanted to return the part I needed to repackage it and return it at my expense. I said this was not acceptable since RockAuto sold me a part that should never have been sold, since the sensor was an open item and it was not possible to clearly determine the part was correct and would work without possibility cause damage, since a 50 state sensor has different pin configuration. Again, I was told it is the right part and use it. When I said that I wanted to resolve this, but I was being left with no option other than disputing the charge with the credit card company, I did not get a reply. This is why I am contacting the corporate office as a final attempt to resolve this before contacting the credit card company. All I am asking for is a prepaid return shipping label and a refund. It seems pretty simple to me Sad sad: (tried to change the happy face without success). I have been a long time customer. Whole my name may not have many orders, I frequently used RockAuto as the "Goto" place for family, neighbors and friends. It is very sad that RockAuto doesn't care if they loose a customer over less than $10 in shipping charges and a part replacement; now a refund. Very, very SAD!

Order # 110413298


Denso 234-4414 - Open Item

Denso 234-4606 - Sealed Package

I was left with purchasing the 234-4144 sensor from a different source with NO shipping charges. Angry (still can't change smiley face)

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